Sons Of Anarchy Hoodie - Reaper Face Mask

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Description of Sons Of Anarchy Hoodie - Reaper Face Mask

Prod. No.: SWEAT_0331

Everyone knows the reaper logo, why not become it! Capture the essence of the reaper with this Sons of Anarchy Reaper hoodie!

Printed on a black zip up hoodie, the major appeal of this particular hoodie is the hood, which zips up to give you a face mask featuring the likeness of the reaper.

There is also a second larger hood, which is removable, to help keep you shrouded in mystery! The front of the hoodie is stitched with a Men of Mayhem patch on the right side of the chest and the words Redwood Original on two separate patches on the left. On the back of the Sons of Anarchy reaper hoodie is a large image of the classic Sons of Anarchy banner over a faux patch design of the reaper.

Certain patches mean different things in the show “Sons of Anarchy”. Only full members of the motorcycle club are allowed to wear the infamous Reaper Patch. Also if a member has a patch that says Men of Mayhem, as featured on this particular Sons of Anarchy reaper hoodie, it means they have killed for the group, or at least left a trail of blood from their enemies as a warning!

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