Rush Dog Tags - 2112

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Description of Rush Dog Tags - 2112

Prod. No.: JEWEL_0053

What better way to show your love for Rush than Rush ID tags! These Rush ID tags are made from high quality pewter metal, and stand at 2 high and 1 wide. Each set comes with two, with the Rush 2112 logo printed on one side with the Starman logo stamped on the other. Both tags are on a 24 ball chain necklace.

These Rush ID tags feature one of the most well known Rush albums, the Rush 2112 album. Released in 1976, this was the first time the world came to know the Starman, who would eventually become the recognized logo of Rush. The Starman first appeared on the back of the 2112 album, and according to Peart, he was meant to symbolize the abstract man against the masses. The album, 2112, lyrically tells the story of a dystopian future and is sometimes considered to be a concept album.

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