The Walking Dead T-Shirt - Walkers

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Description of The Walking Dead T-Shirt - Walkers

Prod. No.: TSHIRT_3626

It seems the world cannot get enough of zombies, and who could blame us? Show your zombie love with this colourful, comic book inspired Walking Dead t-shirt!

Printed on a 100% cotton, black t-shirt, we release the undead to haunt your nightmares and your wardrobe! The ghastly image features a brightly coloured, lipless, and quite hungry zombie on the attack. Underneath are his zombie pals, who are also looking to get in on some delicious human flesh! The top of the print features the Walking Dead logo in a deep red colour.

This Walking Dead t-shirt revisits the series’ roots in the comic or graphic novel genre. The original comic book series was conceived in 2003 and since then has been highly acclaimed. In 2011, the Imagine Games Network, a prominent entertainment website, rated Walking Dead protagonist Rick Grimes, as the 26th greatest comic book hero of all time! Definitely makes a life of killing zombies and being an all-around badass worth it!

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