Band Posters (Full Size)

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Info About The Posters Store

            Slap one of these awesome posters on the back of your door and live your life to the fullest. You have a favorite band and you want everyone to know it. Band posters are the perfect way to show your undying allegiance to the bands you love while spicing up the walls of any jam spot, bedroom or dorm.

            The band posters in this store are all full size which means they measure approximately 22 inches by 34 inches which is the standard size.  These band posters are printed using top quality paper and inks and come hand rolled and secured in a protective plastic covering that does not cost you any extra.

            With a few thumb tacks, some of that sticky blue stuff or some tape (hell, you could even use gum) you can put up a nice band poster virtually anywhere your heart desires. A Band poster commonly features an image of the musicians or an album or magazine cover image with the group’s name or images associated with the band.